Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that sometimes being completely placid, and making due with whatever situation you are forced into is not always the way to go. Ironically, this is typically a very "Canadian" way of approaching problems, or so I have been told. Apparently we put up with pretty much anything and very rarely make a fuss. As much as I appreciate this attitude, because it means you don't end up doing something rash, and it challenges you to be flexible, there are moments where you have to stand up and say, "That's far enough." The supervisor of the lab I work in (not my boss) has taken to bullying me because he disagrees with me being there. He feels my project should have been given to him, since he has been there for 15+ years, not to a 23 year old woman (yup, it's 2012 and the fact that I don't have a penis IS STILL a problem for some people).  After months of yelling, undercutting, and insults (one sided I am proud to say! I doggedly stuck to being friendly and polite. OH CANADA BABY!), I finally asked for a meeting with my bosses (and also his) to ask them for their opinion on how to handle the situation. I think it went relatively well! They seemed to have thought this might be a problem since the supervisor is bitter about not having furthered his education, and they also seem to have had previous knowledge of him being "difficult". I was also told that it was unimaginable that someone in our workplace could have a problem with me, because I'm so friendly and polite. I have to admit, after a day like today and yesterday, that was kind of nice to hear ;). The last time the supervisor got caught playing power games with our bosses (I starred in the film as "Pawn"), he became even more unprofessional towards me. I am hoping this doesn't manifest again. I can't shake the feeling though, no matter how nerve racking making my complaint was, that the principle I am defending is worth the effort. No one, not even interns, deserves to be treated like garbage. As I said to my bosses today, "Praktikum student or not, I'm still a human being, and after a while, months of insults start getting to you." We'll see what tomorrow brings!!!