Thursday, December 1, 2011


So I was watching my favourite film of all time, "Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain", and there's a bit in there about the simple pleasures in life. It talks about the little things Amelie finds beautiful or fun in life like skipping stones, cracking the crust on creme brulee, and reaching her hand into barrels of dried beans at the grocery store. I invite you all to share yours in the comment section! Here are some of mine that I discovered in Europe!

1. Breaking Milka chocolate bars into squares before opening the packaging
2. Scented facial tissues from companies like Tempo
3. The way bakery windows look like a scene from a fairy tale first thing in the morning...and the fact that they show up what feels like every 10 feet
4. Brushing your fingers along 100+ year old stone walls, which are everywhere.
5.  The adorable mini-crates that come with bottled water. The bottled water and mini-crate system: you put a deposit on the crate and bottles and then just buy more water. This encourages recycling.
6. The way your feet slightly shape around the cobblestones as you walk on them.
7. Old keys
8.Small grocery stores where everything seems to have been intentionally selected to be there and the single-serving packages most things are available in.
9. The smell of the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas market) and the way it immediately whisks me back to childhood memories of Opa and the Feuerzangenbowle (spiced mulled wine). The way it feels like something out of a Narnian land of Christmas.
10. The way the roads caress the city instead of the city structures yielding to the roads (ok, I admit this bit is a tad annoying when trying to find your way around initially, but trust me it becomes charming)


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