Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DEAN 4- Munchen mag Dich!

Hello Everyone! I am writing to you from my room in Koblenz, listening to Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia," enjoying the lovely weather, and reminiscing about my fantastic trip to Munchen!!!!! I felt a little bit like a celebrity when I got to my hotel. The company who would be providing training for me was immediately informed that I had arrived, and told me they would be sending a taxi at 18:30 to take me to dinner. I then checked into a hotel room that was approximately half the size of the 5-person apartment I had during university.  If the extra deep bathtub, bar, living room, and floor-to-ceiling closets weren't enough there was A KITCHEN hidden behind one of the doors. I then met a group of fantastic people from the Czech republic, France, and England who were all there for the same training. At 18:30 we were taxied to this absolutely UNBELIEVABLE Italian restaurant. I now understand what pizza should taste like, and learned that it actually originated as an appetizer!

The training was rather informative, and on the second day at 5:00 pm we were taken on a walking tour of downtown Munchen!

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